Saturday, 28 July 2007

The History of the Victorian Kendo Renmei

At the Yakatori BBQ tonight Gary Oliver launched his interactive Cd Rom; "The History of the Victorian Kendo Renmei". The Cd has nine chapters covering the Renmei's first 30 years from the Little Bourke Street Dojo to the recent Australian Championships held in Melbourne. Hundreds of Photographs are included plus testimonies from more than 20 of our highest ranked members. The Cd is free to all present VKR members and will soon be on the VKR website.

2007 Otsuka Memorial Taikai

Well done Ballarat at the Otsuka Memorial Taikai in Melbourne today. Adam Corbett was in the winning team and Sachiko Sakai and Carl Ruff in the second placed team. In addition, Carl Ruff and Chris Brown received the only two Fighting Spirit awards given on the night.