Tuesday, 26 January 2010

5th Dan for Gary

Following a gruelling 5 days of training under the scrutiny of 8 Japanese Master swordsmen, Gary Oliver achieved his 5th Dan in Iaido on Sunday, 24th January. The seminar was held in Perth W.A. under the auspices of the W.A. Kendo Renmei.

The grading was held on the Sunday following the seminar and Championship which was held on the Saturday. A Grading Panel was held under the leadership of Oda sensei 8th Dan. Leading the group was Yoshimura 8th Dan, Nagayama 7th Dan, Tsuchiya 7th Dan, Ohara 7th Dan and Chida 7th Dan.

After 30 years of Iaido Gary achieved his goal for this martial art. He thanks Katsumi Kuramochi and Tony Pickering in particular as well as his colleagues at Ballarat Kendo Club for their ongoing support and friendship

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