Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Up coming events

Here is an update of all the major events from the VKR/ARK for the 2nd half of this year

July 18th
Otsuka & Nagae Competition

July 28th - 31st
Chiba & Oda Sensei visit - Kendo & Iaido trainig

August 21st - 22nd
VKR Kendo Championships

September 12th
Kendo Kyu Grading

September (TBC)
Nagayama sensei visit - "late Sep"

September 26th
Kendo Dan Grading

September 26th - October 1st
University Games

October (TBC)
Possible visit of 30+ Kendo sensei inc Jun Takeuchi

October 13th
Iaido/Jodo grading

November 7th
Mumeishi 3's Competition

November 20th
VKR Iaido Championships