Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Up coming events

Here is an update of all the major events from the VKR/ARK for the 2nd half of this year

July 18th
Otsuka & Nagae Competition

July 28th - 31st
Chiba & Oda Sensei visit - Kendo & Iaido trainig

August 21st - 22nd
VKR Kendo Championships

September 12th
Kendo Kyu Grading

September (TBC)
Nagayama sensei visit - "late Sep"

September 26th
Kendo Dan Grading

September 26th - October 1st
University Games

October (TBC)
Possible visit of 30+ Kendo sensei inc Jun Takeuchi

October 13th
Iaido/Jodo grading

November 7th
Mumeishi 3's Competition

November 20th
VKR Iaido Championships


  1. Going to enjoy attending some of these. Maybe even entering if its possible. =)

  2. Takeuchi Sensei, one of the 30+ Sensei was the first Japanese teacher of Kendo in Victoria. He opened a Dojo with John Butler in Little Bourke St in the mid 1970s. He has been secretary to the IKF and is held in high regard by many Kendo ka world wide. Id you get a chance meet this man!