Monday, 14 March 2011

Celeste Johns heads for Japan

Ballarat Kendo student, Celeste Johns is set to leave this Thursday (17th March) for a two year teaching position in Japan.

Celeste, who has just completed a degree at Ballarat University was chosen from a field of candidates for the position of Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) at Ballarat’s Sister city, Inagawa. “It’s an awesome opportunity” said Celeste last week “I’m very excited at the prospect of living and learning in Japan”.

The ALT position is an important one for the sister city relationship, the person being a diplomat for Ballarat as much as an assistant teacher at the Junior High schools in Inagawa. It will be a difficult time when she arrives, the disaster in north eastern Japan bringing problems that all Japan will be facing. While Inagawa is far away from the area that was most affected there will be many people in inagawa with family and friends severely touched by the tragedy.

While in Japan Celeste hopes to continue her study of Japanese martial arts, in particular Kendo which she has been learning at the Ballarat Kendo Club for the past five years.

"Celeste has been an excellent Kendo student and member of our Ballarat Club" said Club Founder, Gary Oliver. "She has the persistence, courage and commitment to do all of Ballarat proud while fulfilling this important and demanding job". A special training was held last week for Celeste by her Kendo colleagues who wish her every success while away.

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