Saturday, 1 September 2012

Hi all,
Kendo gradings are coming up. It is up to you to register through David by this Friday.
Details below:

Kyu Grading (6kyu-2kyu)
Date: 9th September (Sunday)
Time: 1pm-4pm
Location: Kenshikan Dojo, 91, Rosslyn Street, West Melbourne, Victoria 3003
Registrations due date: 7th September

Dan Grading (1kyu-3dan)
Date: 30th September (Sunday)
Time: 1pm-4pm
Location: Kenshikan Dojo, 91, Rosslyn Street, West Melbourne, Victoria 3003
Registrations due date: 19th September

Thursday, 9 August 2012

On Sunday, July 22nd The Ballarat Kendo Club celebrated it's 25th Anniversary. We held a two hour gathering at our training hall which consisted of speeches, demonstrations of Okinawan Kobudo, Iaido, Tameshigiri, Kendo no Kata and Keiko. This was followed by an hour of jigeiko for the 60 Kendo Ka who brought their bogu.The day was truly humbling. So many friends and colleagues made the 200km round trip or more to attend our 25th Anniversary Celebration. Our thanks in particular to our demonstrators; Sensei Danny Manning, Terry Sands and Gary Whittaker from the Daylesford and Ballarat Karate Clubs and Carl Ruff, David Tannard, Tarl O'Mara and Ryan Oliver of the Ballarat Kendo Club. Sensei Arpad Maksay and Sensei Gary Oliver provided a demonstration of Jigeiko to end the formal demonstrations.
Ryutaro Okuno was in the winning team at the Otsuka Memorial Taikai yesterday. Lachlan Webb was in his first tournament and won his first match in around 30 seconds 2 - 0! Sean Hearn was there again and made it through the first three rounds. Well done guys!
In the Nagae Memorial Cup Gary came third behind Hiroshi Shinoda 2nd and Kazuya Kimura 1st.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Some upcoming events

The Nagae Memorial Taikai for 3rd Dan and above will be held on the morning of July 14th at the Kenshikan, Melbourne. The Otsuka Memorial Taikai for all ranks up to 2nd Dan will be held in the afternoon. We encourage all graded members to enter.

Ballarat turns 25! This year is our 25th Anniversary. To celebrate we are holding a special demonstration and training on the afternoon of Sunday, July 22nd. Demonstrations will include Kobudo, Tameshigiri (sword cutting), Kendo no Kata and some exhibition matches by some of our State's best Kendo Ka.
Some speeches, static displays and presentation of Life Memberships will take place before an hour of jigeiko. All members of the VKR are invited to asttend as well as familie, friends and past members.
The venue is the East Campus assembly hall, corner of Fussel and Victoria Streets. (first lights as you hit Ballarat). The program starts at 2 p.m. and will finish promptly at 4 p.m.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

37th Australian Kendo Championships

Ballarat's Gary Oliver, Tarl O'Mara and Ophelia Wong took part in the AKCs in canberra over the easter Weekend. tarl was by far the most successful, winning all his matches in the  Dan Team Event. this was his second first place in this event in two years running. check out some of the photos!
Tarl with the Nakakura Flag
Tarl, Gary & Ophelia
Score of the day!

Friday, 2 March 2012

Welcome to Ballarat, Ophelia Wong!

We are very grateful to have Ophelia Wong training in Ballarat at the moment. Ophelia is a member of the Monash University Kendo Club but is in Ballarat for the next two years as part of her University course. Ophelia is currently in her third year of Medicine. It is great to have another female training at the club, particularly one with so much talent!

Kendo Gradings

Kyu Grading up to 2nd Kyu will be held at the Kenshikan on sunday 11th March commencing at 1 p.m. Registrations begin at 12.30 p.m. Secontact David Tannard if you wish to be a candidate.

Sensei Nagae Memorial Service

On Sunday, 4th March there will be a one hour Memorial Service to commemorate and celebrate the life and legacy of our Sensei, Sumitaka Nagae Kyoshi. The service will be held at the Kenshikan Dojo in Melbourne commencing at 10 a.m. All budo Ka attending are asked to wear their respective gi as appropriate. Following the service there will be an hour of Keiko and light refreshments. sensei's widow, Mrs reiko Nagae and family will be flying from Tokyo to attend the service as will the Consul-General of Japan, Mr Sobashima.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

2012 Training Resumes

Greetings all.

Training resumes next Thursday, 26th January for all our regular members. A new beginners course will be announced shortly. Make the time, make the commitment. Gambatte!