Thursday, 9 August 2012

On Sunday, July 22nd The Ballarat Kendo Club celebrated it's 25th Anniversary. We held a two hour gathering at our training hall which consisted of speeches, demonstrations of Okinawan Kobudo, Iaido, Tameshigiri, Kendo no Kata and Keiko. This was followed by an hour of jigeiko for the 60 Kendo Ka who brought their bogu.The day was truly humbling. So many friends and colleagues made the 200km round trip or more to attend our 25th Anniversary Celebration. Our thanks in particular to our demonstrators; Sensei Danny Manning, Terry Sands and Gary Whittaker from the Daylesford and Ballarat Karate Clubs and Carl Ruff, David Tannard, Tarl O'Mara and Ryan Oliver of the Ballarat Kendo Club. Sensei Arpad Maksay and Sensei Gary Oliver provided a demonstration of Jigeiko to end the formal demonstrations.

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