Friday, 1 March 2013

Tim Amey (4 Dan) & Gary Oliver (6 Dan) following Karate & Kobudo Training

Last month we had a visit by Tim Amey (4th Dan Karate) from the USA. Tim joined in training and gladly agreed to being thrown in to the deeep end as he had little Kendo experience. Thanks tim! Please come again.
March looks like a busy month for the Ballarat Kendo Club. Please mark these dates in your diary;

March 3rd: Farewell training and Taikai for Shinoda Sensei at Kenshikan, Melbourne.
March 10th: Kyu Grading at Kenshikan (registration by 7th)
March 16th: VKR AGM
March 24th: Dan grading at Kenshikan
March 29th: National Kendo Championships in sydney begin.

To get the most out of your Kendo become involved and make the effort!